Stanford and Oxford make for an exceptional pairing.

Both are among the top universities in the world. Stanford is a dynamic centre of cutting-edge research in science, technology and related fields — with its finger on the pulse of innovations remaking our world. Redolent with history, Oxford is an ideal place to step back and consider how we got here, what we value and how we should move forward. Stanford House helps to bring these two universities together, facilitating events in Oxford and academic exchange

Our Story


Coming to Oxford has been the best decision I have made at Stanford so far.

I loved the freedom to get involved with almost anything Oxford had to offer.

At Stanford, we often focus on how what we are doing can change the world. Being in Oxford allowed me to see how being in a new world can change you.

I loved just camping out at different libraries and spending the entire day reading.

I learned a lot by interacting with people who see the world somewhat differently than I do.